Wednesday, November 19, 2008

what a weekend .

i love the hearts of these people. i am so grateful for a weekend full of fun. so grateful for a cabin that was not afraid to feel vulnerable and pour their hearts out to each other. i loved getting to know those girls. hold them close. thanks for the most amazing leaders. words cannot describe the way they love us, or how thankful i am that they do love us. thank you for the escape of the colorful mountains. thanks for showing me that i am significant and i do have a purpose. thank you for sending your son to willingly die so that i may live. thank you for your amazing grace and your never ending love.

Friday, November 14, 2008

rhythm of your glory.

i feel like im waiting in line outside of a concert hall. i can hear the music faintly inside, but longing to hear the beat in full blast. i can hear you faintly. i can hear you calling my name. help me to hear you louder than ever. push me through the door and let me expirence the truth and power that lies behind the rhythm of your love. i want to be bold. i want to be fearless in the name of your unconditional love. help me open my heart to help show the world your truth. help me love on my friends as i spend a weekend with them in the mountains surrounded by your glory. i ask that you warm their hearts to you, as well as mine.

Monday, November 3, 2008

candle to my darkness.

.The sun leaves a lingering feeling of summer on my skin. The memory of the mountains and a indescribable love flashes in my mind. I can't help but miss the thin air of Buena Vista. The air that filled my lungs as I yawned from exhaustion from long days of cleaning. The air that was full of hope and joy. Oh, how I miss seeing Your face in the mountains. Seeing your plans untangle in the campers hearts. Feeling your strength as it lifted my new family and I up to serve you. Then a cold wind comes and tickles me on the back of my neck, bringing me back to reality. My mind shifts from the memory of a summer filled with joy, to a winter filled with worry. Remind me of your strength. Help me to find the hope and joy I once found so easy to have in you. I ask that you take my stress and aches of pain in my heart and keep them. Let me hear your whisper. Help me to recognize your unconditional and unmatchable love. You are the candle to my darkness.
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