Monday, September 14, 2009

so good.

I always knew that the time would come when they would pack up and move on and I would feel nothing by abandoned and alone. But as I sit here in the moment of my once biggest fear taking place, I search my heart for those feelings and can't find them. I see you here. In this moment of what I thought would be utter hopelessness and loneliness, You whisper "trust me." I said "yes," but never thought You would work so quickly for... me? Over these past few weeks, I have seen your face in my new friends. I have heard you in conversation of vulnerability, something I promised myself I would not allow this year with these people. Lord, You are here. You are capturing my heart and romancing me through this change. Thank you for continually stripping me of the things "I can't live without" and filling me with You. Thanks for showing me your unconditional love and never disappointing me when I trust you. You are my God, and you are so good.
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