Monday, June 27, 2011


The sun sets, and I take a deep breathe knowing that the bright pinks of the clouds and the suddle blues of the mountains are a painting for the delight of my eyes and heart by my Makers hands. The Lord has been persuing my heart faithful and constantly, all because He wants me close to Him. What a sweet thing it has been for me to learn that the Lord doesn't need me, but wants me so much, and to actually believe it! He wants me enough to breathe into creation the magnificent planets and the stars and the very cells in my body with such detail all because it he is demonstrating himself to me. And it was effortless to create such great things; things that seem like they are so much more beautiful and incredible than me. But the Lord chose me, chose US. When it came to me, to you, he paid and immerabule cost so that we might be in a relationship with him. Out of all the wonders of the earth, He chose me to wash over with his son's holy blood so that I might be able to understand His love for me. What a sweet, sovereign Lord we have. I am overwhelmed by thanksgiving.
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