Thursday, February 5, 2009

out of this world.

"I started thinking that I all i needed was love. I needed to be needed. I needed to be idolized. I needed to be that thing that a person stares at and wants more than anything in the world. I needed that rush of having someone hold you and tell me that i am pretty. I always thought love was, I don't know, this intangible, impossibly beautiful thing. Something along the lines of butterflies. But then I realized that there isn't anything like that in the world. "

funny. i look back on this person i was and remember this feeling of aloneness. the feeling of being so lost and incomplete. and not knowing where to begin. but i was right. there isn't any such thing like this love in the world. a love that makes you feel whole by just looking in each other's eyes, or a love that makes the pain end by holding each other. this love just doesn't exist in this world. but it does exist. with my Father. with my maker. with the one that gave me life. this love is greater than the love i want. the love he has for me can not only make me feel complete and beautiful, but it can move mountains and change the world. i am so grateful for this love. so grateful for the open arms of my Savior. so grateful for a love that is out of this world.

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