Monday, June 15, 2015


Oh, how He loves us so....

Last night I took a long drive down a country road that I know well. The road leads to "my spot"...a gravel turnaround surrounded by open fields that is far enough from the city to see the stars. Technically "my spot" is the entrance to someone's private property, but the property is currently for sale so that means I'm not really intruding, right?

I rolled down all my windows to soak up the air, thick with summer, and blared the new Chris Stapleton album through my speakers as loud as it could go. The soulful country tunes seemed to be the perfect soundtrack to my drive. I let my foot lay heavier than on the gas pedal than it should (don’t tell my mom) and turned my steering wheel back and forth as I weaved down the windy road. Freedom.

I pulled into "my spot" and turned off my car. My heart bubbled with adrenaline for a second when I thought about being out in the middle of nowhere by myself, but the symphony of crickets quickly drowned out my thoughts and filled me with peace. I climbed up on the hood of my car and starred out over the fields. I knew it was firefly season, but still somehow seeing a sea of them lighting up never ceases to amaze me.

I looked up into the sky at the stars that seemed to be shining brighter than I had seen them in a while…and then it hit me. This is my God. This is my crazy extravagant God. This is the Love that knows no ends. Love that would create a tiny little bug with a tail that lights up every few seconds and sprinkle thousands of them out over open fields in the summer to make a magical light show...all for me. Love that would place these unimaginably large balls of fire in the sky and make them twinkle like diamonds, all whispering “you are my bride.” Love that created crickets to sing songs of praise. Love that wraps me in warm air so that I would know a true embrace. My God is Love. And My God is extravagant and powerful and magical and he has been wooing me with fireflies and music and summer and backroads. And my God does it all because he loves me and he wants me to know how much. All because I am his.

So, my friends, here is to a summer of magic and extravagance and learning just how loved I am by my Papa. Praying the same for you.
How he loves us so...
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