Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Come, let us return to the LORD. 
       He has torn us to pieces 
       but he will heal us; 
       he has injured us 
       but he will bind up our wounds."
Hosea 6:1

I love this picture. Of the Lord tearing us to pieces. Of him furiously hunting us down and ruining our lives. I often picture God as this old man that just sits back and observes all the wrong-doings in my life. not speaking to me. not taking any action. just sitting. and so i just go on with life. nothing changes. but i am so wrong. Jesus is on a wild hunt for my heart. every time i sway from him, he captures me again. And its after he captures me that he breaks me. He makes a mess out of my life. and as i sit in the middle of my broken pieces, he calls that progress? this is such a beautiful picture, but so hard for me to understand. there is so much beauty in the brokeness but it is so hard to see sometimes. the most beautiful part of the process is the healing. The mercy. the redemption. the LOVE. Jesus slowly takes his own bones, his own blood, and tenderly fixes all the broken places in my life. He beings to whisper louder through the pain of healing. he says "I'm here. It will be okay. Trust me, beloved." and there are no sweeter words. 
And let the bones you have broken rejoice!
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