Tuesday, February 14, 2012

my valentine.

I'm really starting to see that its all about you, Jesus.
Today, the desires of my heart are strong and deep and so apparent.
But something else that is so real to me today is how much I am loved ALREADY.
All my desires, all my wants and needs and longings, are met by You.
Jesus, thank you for connecting the dots today.
I watched friends be pursued with flowers and candy and gifts and dates to fancy places, but I got SOOOO much more.
Today you gave me sweet time with a friend that knows me encourages me fiercely. You gave me peace as I prayed about the worries of my heart. You gave me coffee and chocolate covered strawberries. You gave me roomates that serve me selflessly. You gave me high school friends at Central to live life with. You took the baggage off my shoulders and gave me rest.
You gave me YOU. You gave me your Son today. You gave him up on a cross. For me. For today. So that I might know you and know how much you love me. So that you could spend time with me and call me your bride. You gave me the sunrise today. And you gave me love that I will never understand.
I praise you Jesus, my beloved, because I am YOUR beloved.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


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