Monday, January 25, 2010


Breathing seems harder these days. Not the kind that is required for my life to go on, but the deep breaths you take when the world is calm and peaceful around you. The breaths you take when you know you are somewhere safe, somewhere you are loved. The breaths you take when Your beautiful creation is so overwhelming that all my problem seem to fade away into the corners of the world where they become nothing but nonsense. I am gasping for air. Trying so hard to find myself in one of these breaths that I am forgetting what normal breaths feel like, and its killing me. But You save me. You always save me. You scoop me up in Your powerful, tender arms and hold me close to Your chest. In..... and out.... You repeat over and over as I listen to Your heart beat and Your deep voice rattle from the inside out.
"You are my beloved. You are worth everything to me, worth my Son. You are enough. You are beautiful. My princess, my bride. I love you more than you know. Just BREATHE."
Thank you for saving me.
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