Sunday, December 28, 2008

days like this.

"at the cross You beckon me.
You draw me gently to my knees, and I am
lost for words, so lost in love,
I'm sweetly broken, wholly surrendered."

its days like this when i am so lost in your love. days when i am so at peace with myself. so grateful for this life and the blessings you have given me. days like these when i can see every beautiful flaw in and out of me, but appreciate them for what they are and why they are. the gentle breeze of wind across my face feels like your tender touch. my heart feels so alive. so warm. i see you everywhere. you are in the laughter of my friends. the smile of my mom. i can see you unfolding your magical plans all around me. you beauty is overwhelming. and powerful. this is joy. you are joy. thank you for days like these. thank you for making the mess worth it, just to have days like this. i pray that you help me to let myself feel the butterflies more often. this quickened heartbeat. its for you. its for true love. that only my creator makes me feel.


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