Thursday, January 15, 2009

not enough to ask for.

the things i long for seem so complex to me. seem as if they are impossible or too much to ask for. i long for happiness and love. long to be wanted. desired. enough. long to be beautiful. i continue to pray for these things. these desires. these worldly things. but this is not what you want for me. these things that seem so far out of reach for me are so easily given to me by you. this desires are weak and half-hearted. I ask that you take them. out of mind & heart. let me desire you and what you offer. complete joy instead of happiness. unconditional love instead of a love that brings disappointments. i am beautiful and enough. you desire my heart. you want to give me the best there is because i belong to you. help me to not be easily pleased. to not long for things of this world, but instead, long for you, Jesus.


emma jane said...

I'm reading Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. You should too if you haven't already.

*cami* said...

well said. the lord IS beauty. He made it. and He lives in us. I pray that you see His beauty in you. loves.

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