Tuesday, December 16, 2008

new number, new girl.

of course i don't feel different. so i may have to change the 6 to a 7, big deal. today is just any other day except for the fact that people give me presents and sing a lot, not to mention that my self-esteem is in a superior state with all the lovin i'm getting. but the thing i love about today is looking back over the past year and seeing all the changes You have made in my life. i'm so grateful for the people i shared this year with. so grateful for the lessons i have learned & are still learning. i thank you for your patience with me as i deny you over and over, and you still wait for me with open arms. although im keeping my wish a secret, it was about You. i am hopeful that this year will bring a whole new kind of challenges for me to overcome with You. new pains, new joy, new friends. let me sparkle in your glory as i continue to explore Your world and overcome this fear i have of letting go of muck. i pray that You can teach me to drop my worries at Your feet and see the world through the world through Your eyes. i am Yours for the rest of eternity. continue to teach me.


MaryMoore said...

This birthday seems to be the biggest in most peoples life. At least I have noticed that. Its not quiet 18, but your no longer that teenager anymore. You start realizing life, and things start to make sense.
I hope your birthday was full of joy and happiness. =)

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