Sunday, November 29, 2009

the edge of the sea.

at the edge of the ocean is where it all fits into place for me. You are so great there. so much bigger than i let you be in my life daily. your whisper is in the waves rolling to the shore. your love is in the details on the different color sea shells and the millions upon millions of little grains of sand. you are so great. so loving. i so often let my own fears get in the way of seeing that. fears of being a failure, or fears of repeating the past. fears of being alone, and fears of vulnerability. with these fears, i cannot find the freedom you offer with your love. so take them. and guide my soul. let me rejoice in the fact that i am powerless. that the future does not exist without you and that, if i let you, you will paint it more beautiful that i ever could. i often forget that you are resting inside of me. that i don't have to search for you. that i don't have to travel to the ocean to feel your presence. you are in my heart. 
"into your hands i commit my spirit, redeem me, oh God of truth." psalm 31:5


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