Sunday, November 15, 2009

the fall.

I open my eyes .
A depth of blackness i have never know devours my sight.
The stench of sour milk and rotten eggs
Sulfer and burning flesh
Where am I?
Stagnate warmth of the most unsettling nature ex-fixates my every motion
I can feel my hands dragging through the thick odors that bite at my nostrils
I can even hear the stench filling every pour of my skin.
Its as if the air has never known life.
This is no wind I know

I stand but my head begins to spin.
I tumble backwards.
Falling ....
Falling ....
Through the particals of filth and wretchedness
Through the parched air
Through this lifeless void
I keep falling ...
Falling... Tears.

How have i ended up here?
When did i ever wish myself away to a vacuum of stench and filth?
All i know to do is cry, for the falling will not cease
And the smell will not disappear.
I swell full of tears and burst longing for my home.

I long for the twigs of trees and the buzz of bees
I long for the blooming flowers and the pictures painted in the clouds
I miss the gentle eyes of friends and strangers
I miss the soothing warmth of grass beneath my feet.
I miss the western breeze gently caressing my cheek.
Every tear brings forth a new sea of memory.
Every memory brings forth a new tide of tears.
And the falling never stops ...

Though the tears i see a flicker.
A glow.
An amorphous pool of light and water has sprung above me
It grows closer and closer with every fleeing moment.
A cold burst dances to my toes.
The gently moving water engulfs me and i am swimming.
I can taste the tingle of salt and emotion all over my body
I know these are my tears.

As i swim the light expands and grows.
The shores of my tears reach to the furthest corners of my sight
The warmth of a rainbow starts in my chest and fills me with joy.

I feel ground again.

I cry...

I watch the grass grow beneath my feet.
An apple tree grows at my side as i watch the sun rise and set a thousand wondrous ways.
I rest my back to a tree and see birds hearing every note of their song as they flutter to the branches nearest my heart.
A family of squirrels russles in leaves above me and knock an apple on my head.
I heard their giggles dance off in to infinity.

What a magnificent place.

Arms around my waist.
A familiar smiling face
His eyes telling me I am home again.
Back to the truth.
Back to the a love that could move mountains.
Back to where i belong.


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