Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I am so often the prodigal son. Taking my money, my worth, everything that the Lord has created for me and throwing it all away on junk. I get so lost in the mess. Lonely, bruised, broken. Longing for a heart that is whole and a life that is more than the nothing I let mine become. But I know my way home. I know where my heart belongs. And every time I get a little lost, I hear Jesus calling me back to him. Whispering that he loves me. Kissing my wretched soul and picking up the pieces of my life they are precious bits of gold. There is nothing more overwhelming than the holy embrace of a Father that loves me to the ends of the earth.I am captivated and amazed by the love of our God today. A God that never gives up and that is WITH me, always.


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