Friday, March 25, 2011


"Make yourself at home in My love." -John 15:9

The Lord has been changing me deeply this Lent season. As I have waited for so long to have a home, to have a safe place, a place where I know I am loved and cherished and protected. I have found that in the heart of my savior. I can feel myself being drawn to the heart of the Lord. I have found my comfort in His love and protection. Jesus is teaching me to dance in an entirely new way. A dance of freedom and repentance and redemption. A dance where I do nothing but follow the wild but gentle steps of my God who took it all and declared it finished so that shame cannot enter the dance. I am slowly learning that this dance never stops. It is constant and consistent and the steps are never impossible. Jesus is leading and holding me, and I am finding my home in His arms.


Morgan Paige said...

i LOVE this post my heart needed to hear it. love your heart & love you.

MaryMoore said...

So beautiful to read Miss Lindsay. I hope we can catch up soon. Miss you sweet girl.

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